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Advertise your company in public transport

Public transport is one of the most popular means of transport in most of the cities. Every minute tens or hundreds of buses are driving along their routes, carrying thousands of people all over the cities. Thanks to our varied advertisement offer we can reach both those who are inside trams and buses and those who can notice the public transport while moving around the city. The modernity, the large range and the ease of connecting a message with other outdoor advertisement forms ensures that the campaigns will have a large efficiency rate while using a limited range of advertisement carriers.

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Kinds of advertisements in public transport

Car covering advertisements - bus back, full cover

Advertisements covering cars that are driving around the areas with the heaviest traffic for multiple hours each day are a great way to reach potential customers. While stuck in traffic, those traveling pay attention to advertisements covering buses way more often than those on billboards near the street. The most popular type is bus-back advertising. It's cheap and effective.

from 1500 PLN, depending on the city.


Frames in buses/trams

Frames are small-format advertisements placed in popular public transport means. They are a great method of advertising, as those using public transport often read their contents subconsciously while traveling from A to B. This way of advertising is a great way to complement other advertisement methods, such as the Citylight bus stop advertisement carriers.

from 950 PLN, depending on the city.


Public transport screens

A modern, attention-drawing advertising form in public transport. Synchronised screens in buses and trams allow us to show the passengers short advertising spots or to display information. A great way to complement any outdoor advertisement campaign.

from 1500 PLN, depending on the city.


Why public transport advertisement?

Reach people every day.

  • We reach tens or even hundreds of thousands of recipients every day.
  • There is a high memory retention rate among recipients, achieved through a long and repeated exposition to the advertisement.
  • Relatively low costs of reaching potential customers.
  • Modern and aesthetically pleasing look of the advertisements.

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Why should you reach out to us exactly?

  • We have the largest base of advertisement surfaces in Poland.
  • You can get a free offer just fifteen minutes after sending us an inquiry.
  • We handle things comprehensively – starting with printing through installing to the renting of advertisement carriers.
  • We have a web of advertisement carriers all over Poland at our disposal.

Other advertisements in our offer:


from 600 PLN per month
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Surface size: 12 m2
Surface size: 18 m2
Lighting: optional
The most basic ad carrier

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from 600 PLN per month
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Dimensions: 1.8x 1.2m
Surface size: 2.16 m2
Lighting: optional
Ad carriers at bus and tram stops

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Large format

from 6000 PLN per month
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Dimensions: individually
Surface size: individually
Lighting: optional
Premium-class ad carriers

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Ads in subway

from 1200 PLN per month
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Metroboard 5,8 m2
Citylight / Cityscroll
Subway car frames
Ad carriers in Warsaw subway

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Public transport

from 950 PLN / month
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Car covering advertisements
Frames in buses/trams
Public transport screens

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Internet advertising

Expand your advertising campaign to the Internet! It's a very effective way to make your message stronger and to reach potential customers. Find out how does it work and what results can we provide your company with. Thanks to our comprehensive services we can ensure full organisation of every campaign.

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