How does it work? Internet advertising.

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Send us an inquiry related to Internet advertising and choose one of three ways to contact us:

We research your needs thoroughly..

We know that you're interested in Internet advertising. What remains is to find out what exactly do you need, so that we know what advertising method and what budget to recommend to you. Depending on how detailed your expectations will be, the industry you operate in or the goal you wish to achieve our advisors:
will contact you by phone only in order to further refine our conception of your needs,
- will send you a file with questions related to your advertisement and its goal, and request for it to be filled.
We'll determine all relevant information related to your company, website, product or service, your competitors' actions, and your target group, in order to provide you with the best solution we can.

We analyse

Now you may relax and take a break - we'll use this time to analyse and choose the best solution for your business and for the goal of the advertising campaign.

We send you an offer for free

Ready! Our expert will contact you by phone or email and send you our offer. If we contact you by phone, you will also get it by email so that you can go back and reread it at any time you want.

We begin working

After you accept our offer, we sign a contract and we immediately begin working on your campaign. Thanks to the wealth of information we possess and our in-depth analysis we can start putting our campaign plans into action in a quick and effective manner. You will notice a substantial increase of traffic on your website and of inquiries from potential clients just several days after we begin.

We continuously improve our work

One of the defining traits of Internet campaigns is that they require constant optimisation. There is no such thing as an ideally configured campaign that was created in one attempt. As we coordinate your campaign we will be closely observing the users' behaviour and the effectiveness of our advertisements and texts. Drawing upon this knowledge and this data (to which you will have access), we will adjust the campaign over time in order to ensure an increasing conversion rate and ever-decreasing costs.

We report to you

In every moment of the campaign you know exactly what we are doing with your money. We send you detailed data describing the way in which we use the funds you entrusted to us. Based on the reports we advise budget adjustment:

  • increase - if we are sure that we are able to use additional funds effectively and efficiently,
  • - decrease - if we determine that in your industry and your location there is no way to utilize the amount effectively.
Thanks to that you are always certain that your campaign funds are put to use in a responsible and fitting manner.

Advertise your company on the Internet

Why should you write to us specifically?

  • We cooperate only with certified Internet advertising specialists.
  • You can receive a free offer in just a quarter of an hour after sending an inquiry.
  • We can plan a joint outdoor and Internet advertising campaign, ensuring an extremely wide reach and high effectiveness.
  • We can tailor our offer to fit any kind of company.
  • We approach your campaigns comprehensively – you need not worry about anything.

Office opening hours

  • Monday: 8:00-17:00
  • Tuesday: 8:00-17:00
  • Wednesday: 8:00-17:00
  • Thursday: 8:00-17:00
  • Friday: 8:00-17:00
  • Mail contact - 24/7

Call us or leave us a message:

Agata Borek
Internet Advertisement Advisor +48 796 778 219
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