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Promote yourself on the biggest social media platform in the world.

Why Facebook advertising?

Facebook is an unquestionable leader, a giant among social media platforms. Every day hundreds of millions of people use it all over the world. In Poland the number is higher than 48% of all of the inhabitants of our country. Thanks to having a database that is this huge it's a perfect solution for all your advertising needs. Using advanced campaign configuration tools we are able to reach highly specific customer groups. These solutions will allow us to show your goods and services to those who take an interest in them. If you cannot quite pin down your target group – Facebook advertising will allow you to determine just what kind of people are the most interested in what you're offering.

Forms of Facebook advertisements

Picture advertisements

It's the simplest and at the same time one of the most popular forms of Facebook advertisements. It consists of a picture, text and a link to a website. It's not very complicated, but it's very effective. It allows you to promote your goods and services in a very quick and simple way.

Video advertisements

Video advertisements are another very popular form of promoting your business. In this case we can use many video formats, however we need to stick to some rules. The recommended length of a video is 15 seconds. It's enough time to get our message through to potential customers without boring them.

Compound advertisements

These forms of advertising are somewhat more complicated than those described above. Among these very forms are slideshows, collages or collections. These solutions are perfect when it comes to presenting products sold by online shops or many different services at the same time. Similar forms draw the attention of potential customers and allows us to get more information through to them.

Main advantages of Facebook advertising

  • Facebook is the biggest social media platform in Poland and in the whole world.
  • The possibility of reaching nearly 17 million people..
  • Full measurability of your results – you know exactly what you're spending your money on.
  • Precise defining of your target group and target location.
  • Immediate action.

is how many users Facebook can boast in Poland.

Find out what's the difference between Facebook advertising and outdoor campaigns. .

Immediate action.

Thanks to the modern Facebook Ads system your advertisement appears on the very first day of the campaign, and potential customers start visiting your website just a couple minutes after its launch!

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Full effectiveness control.

Using the reports from the Facebook Ads system and Google Analytics we'll provide you with exact data referring to your potential customers. In every report that we send to you you'll see the number of people that who have found their way to your website through links, banners or other forms of advertising. Additionally we'll provide you with information about the amount of potential customers that has undertaken a specific action on your website. You'll know exactly what results you're getting with your funds.

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Constant optimalisation.

When advertising yourself with us using Facebook Ads you don't only get one advertisements. We work continuously to test new texts, headers, descriptions, rates, display places – thanks to which your campaign will not only reach the largest possible amount of recipients, but also will grow in effectiveness with each month.

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Precise locations.

Google Ads advertisements can be displayed everywhere you need. Optimising locations will allow you to reach exactly the people you want to reach. We can direct your advertisements to all 16 voivodships, 380 administrative districts, 913 cities and 43072 villages in Poland!

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What are the results of Facebook Ads campaigns?

An immediate growth in potential customers.

In the very first days after starting the campaign you'll notice an increased amount of people visiting your company website. Later optimization of the campaign will allow us to gradually and systematically increase the number of potential customers.

An increase in the number of conversions.

A larger number of potential customers on your webpage is a larger amount of conversions. A conversion could be a phone conversation, an email with an inquiry, a filled form or the most important one – a sale. Our main task is to bring your goods and services to the attention of the highest possible amount of customers.

Cheaper conversions.

We continuously change, test, check things – to keep it short, we optimize all of your campaigns. Thanks to that, as time passes, every sale of your product or your service is less expensive, and the profit is higher.

How does it work?

It's very simple. Let's start with the most popular advertisement form: sponsored links, and after a while you'll start asking us of your own free will about the possibility of widening our efforts. Every campaign is led in a way that allows you to know exactly what is going on at any moment in time, and that emphasizes the effectiveness and success of your campaigns.

  • We fill in the Brief together and determine your needs.
  • We select appropriate keywords.
  • We create unique advertisement content.
  • We determine the optimal timetable of their exposition.
  • We continuously optimize the campaign.
  • We send you effectiveness reports.
  • We are looking for possibilities of increasing the range of your campaign.

Advertise your company on the Internet

Why should you write to us specifically?

  • We cooperate only with certified Internet advertising specialists.
  • You can receive a free offer in just a quarter of an hour after sending an inquiry.
  • We can plan a joint outdoor and Internet advertising campaign, ensuring an extremely wide reach and high effectiveness.
  • We can tailor our offer to fit any kind of company.
  • We approach your campaigns comprehensively – you need not worry about anything.

Other advertisements in our offer:


from 600 PLN per month
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Surface size: 12 m2
Surface size: 18 m2
Lighting: optional
The most basic ad carrier

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from 600 PLN per month
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Dimensions: 1.8x 1.2m
Surface size: 2.16 m2
Lighting: optional
Ad carriers at bus and tram stops

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Large format

from 6000 PLN per month
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Dimensions: individually
Surface size: individually
Lighting: optional
Premium-class ad carriers

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Ads in subway

from 1200 PLN per month
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Metroboard 5,8 m2
Citylight / Cityscroll
Subway car frames
Ad carriers in Warsaw subway

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Public transport

from 950 PLN / month
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Car covering advertisements
Frames in buses/trams
Public transport screens

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Internet advertising

Expand your advertising campaign to the Internet! It's a very effective way to make your message stronger and to reach potential customers. Find out how does it work and what results can we provide your company with. Thanks to our comprehensive services we can ensure full organisation of every campaign.

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