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We bring to the table a comprehensive approach to effective outdoor campaigns. We own over 17 000 billboards and other advertisement carriers spread across Poland. We support our customers in all their endeavors, to build their brand and sell their products and services since 2012.

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Advertisement surfaces in our offer

Large format

from 6000 PLN per month
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Dimensions: individually
Surface size: individually
Lighting: optional
Premium-class ad carriers

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from 600 PLN per month
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Dimensions: 1.8x 1.2m
Surface size: 2.16 m2
Lighting: optional
Ad carriers at bus and tram stops

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from 600 PLN per month
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Surface size: 12 m2
Surface size: 18 m2
Lighting: optional
The most basic ad carrier

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Wymiar: indywidualne
Powierzchnia: indywidualne
Spoty video

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Public transport

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Car covering advertisements
Frames in buses/trams
Public transport screens

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Ads in subway

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Metroboard 5,8 m2
Citylight / Cityscroll
Subway car frames
Ad carriers in Warsaw subway

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Internet advertising

Expand your advertising campaign to the Internet! It's a very effective way to make your message stronger and to reach potential customers. Find out how does it work and what results can we provide your company with. Thanks to our comprehensive services we can ensure full organisation of every campaign.

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Learn more: +48 794 428 537

Industries that we have helped

Supermarkets and commercial networks

Large commercial networks use outdoor advertising very often, in order to promote their product. Thanks to a constant stream of ads, their customers can easily become acquainted with the deals of the day.

They also utilize ad carriers to spread their brand and adjust its image. Throughout recent years we have cooperated with multiple commercial networks all over the country, allowing them to advertise themselves in the best possible locations, enabling them to attract a wealth of customers.


At times in which the job market belongs to the employer, not the employee, it is a challenge to find suitable candidates for many positions. Outdoor advertising is a very effective way to bolster your recruiting efforts.

Over the years, we have led tens of recruitment-related campaigns for companies spanning a wide variety of industries. We have helped companies recruit from physical workers to highly qualified IT developers.


With every month that passes, hundreds of new housing offers appear. Outdoor advertisement using billboards or large-scale advertising is a very efficient and effective way to promote your investment.

We have supported developers multiple times in their quest of reaching potential customers and making sure they stand out next to their competition.

Local businesses

Renting billboards isn't a matter restricted to large corporations. Many small and medium-scale businesses have been our customers for years.

Thanks to appropriately selected ad locations, we help potential customers find car mechanics, barber shops or newly opened restaurants.

Internet shops

Outdoor advertising is a great way to supplement your internet campaigns, so even companies that sell their products through the internet, gladly rent ad carriers. Thanks to that, they are able to reach an even wider group of customers.

In recent years, we have supported internet shops from all over Europe in this manner.

Politics and elections

For more than five years, we have helped various parties in local, parliamentary and presidential elections, as well as the European Parliament.

The flexibility of our solutions and a rich database of ad carriers allowed us to succesfully cooperate with the leading parties and politicians of Poland. Renting billboards is a very popular and effective way to conduct an election campaign.

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Why should you get in contact with us?

  • We own the biggest base of ad carriers in Poland
  • You can get a free offer fifteen minutes after you send us an inquiry
  • We provide a comprehensive service for your campaign – printing through installation, to renting of ad carriers.
  • We have rented over 8000 ad carriers across the entire country.

Office opening hours

  • Monday: 8:00-17:00
  • Tuesday: 8:00-17:00
  • Wednesday: 8:00-17:00
  • Thursday: 8:00-17:00
  • Friday: 8:00-17:00
  • Mail contact - 24/7

Call us or leave us a message:

Oskar Kolmasiak
Senior Outdoor Advertisement Advisor +48 794 428 537
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